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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ava Vitale’s Risky Deal with Clyde, Can Harris Save Her?



Days of Our Lives Spoilers Ava Vitale Harris Michaels Clyde Weston

Top 5 Takeaways & Days of Our Lives Spoilers:

  1. Ava’s Haunting Past: After kidnapping Susan Banks as an act of revenge against EJ DiMera, Ava Vitale was plagued by haunting visions of her deceased son, Charlie Dale. These visions led her to a near-fatal car crash that she initially believed killed Susan.
  2. Susan’s Escape and Ava’s Redemption: Blocked memories of the night of the crash start to emerge for Ava, revealing Susan’s escape from the wreckage. With Harris Michaels’ assistance, they locate Susan in London, saving her and earning both Ava and Harris their freedom.
  3. Clyde’s Dangerous Proposition: As Ava’s son, Dr. Tripp Johnson, faces an attack at his workplace, Ava learns from Clyde Weston that he is behind it. Clyde then presents Ava with an offer she might find hard to decline: taking over his illegal drug trade to ensure Tripp’s safety.
  4. Harris Michaels’ New Path: Formerly a Navy SEAL, Harris is introduced to the possibility of working for the police department by Kate Roberts. This potential career change might spell trouble for his budding relationship with Ava.
  5. A Hopeful Endgame: With Clyde’s growing influence and threats, Ava might find herself relying on Harris once more. Together, they could potentially halt Clyde’s reign and diminish the drug trade in Salem.
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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Ava Dive Into the Drug Trade or Can Harris Intervene?

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that major drama is ahead for Ava Vitali. The formerly troubled character was recently given a second chance at a better life after helping rescue Susan Banks. However, her hopes for redemption may be short-lived. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Ava could find herself pulled back into a life of crime due to pressure from the sinister Clyde Weston.

Viewers will recall that Ava was involved with the DiMera crime family years ago. She even had a child named Charlie with EJ DiMera before her descent into instability. Last year, in a deranged effort to get back at EJ, Ava kidnapped Susan Banks. The situation ended tragically with Ava driving off a cliff in a failed murder-suicide attempt.

Ava was convinced she had killed Susan. But thanks to repressed memories resurfacing, she learned Susan survived. Ava escaped from the mental hospital with Harris Michaels, and the two tracked down Susan in London. They heroically brought her back to Salem, redeeming themselves in the process.

Days of Our Lives spoilers, however, tease that Ava’s fresh start may be short-lived. It seems the sinister Clyde Weston has plans in store for Ava that could jeopardize her reform.

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According to recent Days of Our Lives spoilers, Clyde summoned Ava to the prison for a meeting. He admitted to being behind the attack on Ava’s son, Dr. Tripp Johnson, at the hospital. Clyde then informed Ava that he wants her to take over his illegal drug operation, proving he still has criminal connections on the outside.

Viewers will recall EJ DiMera was once involved in Clyde’s drug trade. But EJ has since reformed and turned his back on crime. Clyde now intends to use Ava to replace EJ in the operation. And with the safety of her son on the line, Ava may see no choice but to accept.

This potential turn of events is very worrying for Ava’s future. She was finally getting her life back on track and forming a new bond with Harris. But Clyde’s blackmail scheme could quickly pull Ava back into the criminal underworld she’s trying so hard to escape.

However, Days of Our Lives spoilers hint there could be hope for Ava yet. Harris recently left the mental hospital and is now seeking a new career path. He was encouraged to join the Salem P.D. If Harris does become a cop, he would be in a prime position to protect Ava from Clyde’s threats. Perhaps together, they could take Clyde down for good.

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In the end, Days of Our Lives fans will have to stay tuned to see if Ava can resist falling back into her old ways. Can Harris help save her from Clyde’s clutches? Or will Salem soon see the return of a more dangerous Ava? Either way, exciting drama is brewing on Days of Our Lives.


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