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‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Harris Michaels Earns Marlena Evans’ Admiration After Susan’s Rescue



‘Days of our Lives Spoilers Marlena Evans Harris Michaels Susan Banks

Top 5 Takeaways & ‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers:

  1. Harris Michaels’ Redemption Journey: After being brainwashed by Megan Hathaway to commit heinous deeds, Marlena has been pivotal in helping Harris reclaim his life. Harris’s journey to healing has seen him delve into the depths of Bayview, where significant changes began.
  2. Ava Vitali’s Quest for Redemption: At Bayview, Harris meets Ava Vitali, a woman tormented by the belief that she murdered Susan Banks. Marlena extends her expertise to Ava, guiding her to the realization that she didn’t harm Susan. Harris and Ava’s bond intensifies as they seek to locate Susan.
  3. Escape from Bayview: The duo’s desperation to find Susan forces them to escape Bayview, especially after a murder attempt by EJ DiMera on Ava. In their quest, they are aided by Ava’s son, Tripp Johnson, and his girlfriend, Wendy Shin, who assist in procuring fake passports for the dangerous trip to London.
  4. The Heroic Rescue: In London, Harris and Ava encounter the menacing Edmund Crumb, who holds Susan hostage. Displaying bravery and quick thinking, they manage to save Susan from Edmund’s clutches, showcasing Harris’s transformation into a hero.
  5. Marlena’s Gratitude and Relief: The rescue operation doesn’t go unnoticed. Marlena, grateful and relieved that her dear friend Susan is back home, is deeply impressed by Harris’s courage and dedication. The event is bound to mend several relationships in Salem, notably with EJ and Johnny DiMera.
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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Harris and Ava’s Risky Mission Brings Susan Back Home

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Marlena Evans has shown strong faith in Harris Michaels lately. In the past, Marlena wanted to help Harris get his life back after he was brainwashed. Harris had been programmed by Megan Hathaway to kill Stefan DiMera. Marlena was able to deprogram Harris. But Harris still felt he needed more help at Bayview.

At Bayview, Harris met Ava Vitali. Ava told Harris she thought she killed Susan Banks to get revenge on EJ DiMera. Harris wanted Marlena to help Ava, since Ava kept seeing Susan. With Marlena’s help, Ava realized she never actually killed Susan.

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Ava and Harris decided to work together to find Susan. But they had to escape from Bayview when EJ tried to kill Ava. Harris and Ava asked Tripp Johnson and his girlfriend Wendy Shin for fake passports. Ava believed Susan was in London.

Recently, Marlena learned Harris and Ava went to London to bring Susan home. Unfortunately, Edmund Crumb was holding Susan hostage there. But Ava and Harris found a way to outsmart Edmund and rescue Susan.

Harris was able to bring Susan back to EJ. He hopes this will make EJ give up on getting revenge on Ava. Marlena is relieved Susan is home safe. As Susan is a dear friend to Marlena. She knows her grandson Johnny DiMera will be happy to have his grandmother Susan back too.

Marlena recognizes the huge risk Harris and Ava took to save Susan. Their dangerous mission shows how far they were willing to go to help Susan out of a scary situation.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say there will be more twists and turns ahead. Will EJ really forgive Ava now that Susan is home? Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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