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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: After Victor’s Memorial, Alex and Brady’s Mysterious Journey to Greece



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  1. Victor Kiriakis’s Legacy: Post Victor Kiriakis’s memorial, the emotional aftermath will drive cousins Alex Kiriakis and Brady Black to embark on a gripping voyage. As details unfold, Victor’s connection to Greece becomes pivotal, leaving fans curious about the legacy he might have left behind.
  2. The Greek Odyssey: Brady and Alex are set for a trip to Greece around the week of September 11th. Teasers hint at monumental discoveries awaiting them, raising questions about Victor’s mysterious activities in Greece before the tragic plane incident.
  3. Brady’s Blessing: Before setting off to Greece, Alex, who’s deeply affected by Victor’s demise, might unearth crucial information related to Victor, prompting Brady to lend his unwavering support and “blessing.”
  4. Theresa Donovan’s Investigation: While the men delve into the enigmas of Greece, Theresa Donovan will be hot on a trail in Salem. Her relentless pursuit of clues related to Alex and Brady’s journey promises unforeseen twists and turns.
  5. Victor’s Greek Legacy: Victor’s deep-seated connection to his Greek roots might play an essential role in this storyline. Speculations are rife that he might have bequeathed a part of his Greek heritage or perhaps a mission to the next generation.
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Days Of Our Lives Revelations: Alex & Brady Unearth Secrets in Greece

According to Days Of Our Lives spoilers, cousins Alex Kiriakis played by Robert Scott Wilson and Brady Black played by Eric Martsolf will embark on an unexpected journey together shortly after the memorial service for Victor Kiriakis played by John Aniston.

It seems Alex and Brady will be traveling to Greece, which was Victor’s homeland. Days spoilers indicate that before they leave, Brady will give his blessing to Alex regarding this mysterious trip.

Fans speculate Alex may have uncovered some information related to Victor’s recent time in Greece and the plane crash that led to his death. Perhaps Victor left some final requests in his will involving a visit to Greece that Alex wants to honor.

Whatever the exact reason, Brady will be supportive and go along with Alex. With all the question marks surrounding Victor’s final days, Alex and Brady’s trip to Greece is sure to lead to surprising revelations.

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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Tease Twists and Turns
According to Days Of Our Lives spoilers, once Alex and Brady arrive in Greece, they will end up making a shocking discovery. Clearly, there are more secrets to uncover related to the late Victor Kiriakis.

This storyline seems poised to take some dramatic turns that will impact multiple Salem residents. Fans will have to stay tuned to find out what awaits Alex and Brady in Greece.

Theresa Donovan Follows the Clues

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Theresa Donovan played by Jen Lilley has a knack for getting involved in other people’s business. Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal Theresa will catch wind of clues connected to why Alex and Brady have traveled to Greece.

Never one to leave a mystery alone, Theresa will start investigating and following the trail of clues.

Theresa may decide to take matters into her own hands and end up on a plane to Greece herself. Or she could uncover information in Salem that ends up assisting Alex and Brady in their quest for answers.

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